Book 5-13

Book 5-13


7 thoughts on “Book 5-13”

  1. pr0zs says:

    Its kinda hard for me to read tho because im using android

  2. Nero Darkard says:

    Oh my god. At last. I guess Grace isnt entirely blind after all and thank buck her father is competent. This talk was long, long, long overdue. But let’s see if Grace can actually put these lessons to proper use and not let the split between the siblings fester any more. Celestia and Luna had so far next to no interaction. They need to build a sisterly bond, otherwise this wont work.

    On a side note, there are a bunch of spelling errors. Twice in short suggession after each other, you used ‘there’ instead of ‘their’. Also, it is written ‘self-preservation’, with a – between the words.

  3. Pokelink says:

    Is it just me or Grace’s father was referring to his wife with the line “other people I wouldn’t care to mention”?

    1. Shieltar says:

      It’s not stated anywhere, nore do I think it’s going to come up. But I personally envision Grace’s Mum as having disappeared due to one of her mad experiments gone wrong, leaving the dad to raise there child. (yes, grace’s mum graduated from M.A.D university as well) they were 2 M.A.D peas in a pod.

      1. Pokelink says:

        Thanks, now I can only envision Grace being one mad experiment between her mom and dad… and not in the way normal humans are made… xD

        1. Blake Black says:

          I actually see this happening. The Prof is going on a rant with a giant monster ala Frankenstein when Grace’s mom walks by and becomes enthralled by the rant, the monster, and the man who has made both. Sixty seconds later the two on in a passionate embrace and the monster is begging them to take their ‘horizontal monster mash’ off of him. Plus didn’t the Prof say that Grace’s mother was going to kill him because of Grace’s wings? Kind of hard to do that when you’re you know….dead.

  4. Shadow says:

    Flying chicken food.

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