Book 7-07

Book 7-07


19 thoughts on “Book 7-07”

  1. Ryan says:

    Oh hi Mark.

    1. Headlock1_0 says:

      I did not hit her! blah blah blah I did NAWT! Oh hi Mark.

  2. Cobalt says:

    OH NO!! A vicious speech bubble has taken off Celestias horn! NVM She managed to put it back on in the next panel.

    1. XANA520 says:

      Also “undetstand” is not a word, last I checked. The red squiggle line agrees.

    2. Shieltar says:

      and the magical pixie of corrections has fixed this.

  3. Crazyone says:

    I believe when you put ‘board’ it’s suppose to be ‘bored’.

    1. Shieltar says:

      This is because I have dyslexia and accidentally put the non spelling corrected version up.

  4. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

    Oh look, Mark’s back to being a human again.

    …Grace wishes he still had four legs and a tail though, and occasionally turns him back for some “fun”. 😉

    1. Shieltar says:

      of course she does ^^

        1. John says:

          I hope Mark can TF into a pony at will later

  5. ryttyr says:

    Why not play Go Fish for a change then?

  6. ryttyr says:

    Also, how much older than Luna is Celestia in the comic now? If I remember right it was just a year older originally but you’ve retconed various characters’ ages since their first appearances so I’m not sure anymore.

    1. Shieltar says:

      Technically Tia is a year and a bit older.
      Tia was made in a lab under optimal conditions with access to as much material as was needed. While Luna was made in a converted oven with whatever the professor could get his hands on. As such Tia was created more mature.

      or put another way, Luna started out younger than Tia did. so although there’s only one year age difference, there’s a 3 year maturity difference.

      1. ryttyr says:

        I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

  7. ryttyr says:

    So that makes Luna two, three years old and Celestia five, six years old in terms of maturity.

    1. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

      I’d’ve said more like Luna = 5-6yrs, Tia = 8-9yrs, based on personal experience working with children (as a Scout Leader).

  8. Borg says:

    That is how you parent, I’m told. Children are more pliable if you give them choices, and still plenty predictable if you ensure there’s one choice that’s clearly better than the others.

    Sadly, it probably does lose its effectiveness if you just always use “keep Dad and Mark company” as the bad choice, no matter how good it is at being a bad choice. I guess some creativity is required at times.

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