Book 3-15 [remastered] i need a bird

Book 3-15 [remastered] i need a bird


5 thoughts on “Book 3-15 [remastered] i need a bird”

  1. kokomo says:

    FIRST! Also, the correct answer is huggles the pony, not go shopping, silly.

  2. LunacyDreamer says:

    Yeah… That’s a tough decision. Then again, keeping the reality-altering-pony (that ALSO happens to be an emotional KID) happy will keep your daughter safe.

    So… Yep, keep the kid happy 😀

  3. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

    Always remember, first and foremost, to keep your reality-warper pony granddaughter happy above all else! =^_^=

  4. Eroraf says:

    If the reality warper ain’t happy, kiss your butt goodbye.

  5. Volko says:

    When the remaster is done I’m gona reread everything before I continue whit book nine.

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