8-16 (preview)

8-16 (preview)


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  1. Hobbes T Cat says:

    Uh oh. looks like the power source just showed up…

  2. Arcane Howitzer says:

    Sorry to hear about the burnout, but thanks for posting the sketch version.

    It lets me point out the “jemporary” mistake it time for it to be easier to fix.

  3. AeroTendo says:

    Glad you’re taking time for yourself, but I know we’re not just fans of your comic but of you as well. So stay healthy! 🙂
    Now for the comic… Are you going to change the sketches to color versions at some later date? Just curious!
    Lastly, he doesn’t exactly have the best track record for “Safe” when it comes to dealing with magic. So she’s right to be worried!

  4. Michael says:

    Sorry you’re experiencing burnout. Sketches like this are fine – I’d rather see a finished story than you damaging yourself over the art. Take it easy.

  5. sailtor says:

    Okay, burnout should be stopped. Take your time and relax from it, I understand.

  6. silvadel says:

    I agree — I’d rather see sketches if it helps you out. It is the story that counts.

  7. Ryan says:

    And that’s how Equestria was made!

  8. Astromormy says:

    There’s no rush. If you’re so burnt out after all this time, take a few days off, a few weeks, monthes. Hell, if you feel it’s necessary, take a year.

    After all, I’ve been enjoying this comic for sometime. I’m in rush to see it end, anyway lol

  9. I don’t know if doing it like that is a good idea. The most fun would be the making process rather than the refining process. So putting it all together kind of means you’ll have a massive block of nothing but coloring to do.

  10. Arn says:

    Mummy! Mummy! Luna broke the world!
    Luna: Did not!
    Celestia: Did so!
    ( Insert Childish angst here)

  11. Brownie Guy says:

    Hey, I’m sorry to hear about the burn-out, but do not feel as if you need to rush to conclude this comic, your health and well-being is at least 20% more important 😀
    Show puns aside, I am in earnest when I say take care of yourself and take as long as you need. We’ll be here waiting eagerly to rejoin you in this journey, but again don’t feel that you have to rush to recover, I would much rather this story take another 10 years with you being healthy and the comic being epic than hear you tried to cram it into a month or so and got sick (or worse) just to please a few “I want it NOW” types.

  12. Bad Phoenix says:

    If their is on problem what’s so ever you can always tried asking for help for the colour of the pages.

  13. Christinewho says:

    Sorry to hear about the burnout, I can wait and anyways I had somehow lost this a while back and just actually caught.

  14. I do think I want to see the kids actually having to do chores.

  15. Rain-of-bow_dash says:

    Oh boy! Ponification event in 3… 2… 1!

  16. MustaphaTR says:

    I just found this series and was a really fun reading. I’m really sorry to hear that you feel burnt out now, but seeing how long you have been working on this, i think that’s normal.

    I see others commented similar things, i’m mostly here for the story so if the drawing part is what making you burn out, just less detailed sketches would be more than enough in my opinion. On other hand you have issues with the writing too, i would rather that you simply stop working on this, maybe for a while, maybe complately than to try to slap it an ending in 2 more chapters. Story doesn’t feel that close to the ending to me. If you leave it be, even without the intention of returning back to it, maybe time will come that you’ll want to. And even if you don’t get to continue it ever, it leaves a door for the reader to imagine the rest at least, while a rushed ending is likely to be bad and is gonna be set.

    But maybe i’m just thinking differently. Maybe you can have a good ending in 2 more pages. You probably already planned the ending, and it is your choice afterall. I just wanted to tell my opinion.

  17. deathsia150 says:

    I get the feeling mr bad guy is gonna show up, cause problems and the result is going to be a combination of circumstances that result in T.R.E.E going haywire, exploding in a magical explosion so powerful it envelopes the globe turning everyone into ponies.

  18. Arn says:

    Suddenly got awful foggy
    Has Merlin returned?!
    Is that the dragon’s breath??!!

  19. CherylStica says:

    🙂 .

  20. CherylStica says:

    🙂 .

  21. Grizz says:

    Hi, I really liked your comic, I’m looking forward to the sequel. By the way, I live in Russia)

  22. Maybe make it in outline form instead? One step above sketch but not quite full color level.

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