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  1. Nikary Flare says:

    Oh, glad to see this here! This info is way too interesting to not be found on the comic site.

    But how much of the whole story are we actually going to see in the comic, though?

    1. Shieltar says:

      I don’t want to say how the story ends. But it’s going to run at least to the ponification event.

      1. Jack Zimmerman says:

        And what about after the ponification event? Would there be like a time skip or anything?

        1. Shieltar says:

          If your asking am I planning on time skipping over the ponification event as an “oh yeah, that was a thing, wow, can you imagine having to draw all that, I mean wow, all those special affects would have caused anyone trying to draw them to die.”

          kind of deal. Then no. I intend to draw it… now… where did I put my sword, I think I’m going to need it to die on later…

          1. Jack Zimmerman says:

            Oh, sorry.

      2. popmannn says:

        I mean lets be honest. If it doesn’t end with “And that’s how Equestria was made!” then I will be really disappointing. Heh heh

        1. kokomo says:

          Wait, can Shieltar draw woona or philomina or something like that with a banner saying that? Shieltar? Please? It will be so coooootttt!

  2. silvadel says:

    I think humanity would survive a transformation to equanity without falling into a dark age.

    1. Shieltar says:

      The evidence that human technology is forgotten really early on in pony history is littered throughout the MLP:FIM tv show. For starters there technology is all over the place. There reliant on candles and flame to light there houses, while having access to hydro electric dams and automatic machines.

      Yet they do not have any of the connecting technologies required to go from technology A to technology D. The lack of awareness of even the existance of technologies B and C suggests heavily that something dramatic must have happened in the distant past. The fact that there still using human designs for things like tea cups and chairs suggests that humans must have existed in the past. Put 1 and 1 together, you get the above timeline.

      1. Professor Haystacks says:

        The problem there is autamated machines and hydro-electric dams require maintenance. Without the know-how to reconstruct them, said machines would be rendered unuseable in mere centuries (less for most of them!), and at least that much time must pass during the 3 tribes era for history to be forgotten. Likely aided by not being able to write with hooves. Oral history in an oral society can persist for centuries or even millenia, of course, but that is highly situational.

        Presumably under this timeline Celestia and Luna attempt to reproduce those technologies from memory and old parts lying around. The metals don’t completely decay (only the surface rusts), greatly speeding things up as your metallurgical knowledge need not be as advanced.

  3. rain-of-bow dash says:

    i was wondering why this dissipated from your deviantart…

  4. ThePiratePeter says:

    What about the film? In the film the regions outside Equestria are not populated by ponies, and the Windingo-winter isn’t present.

    1. AeroTendo says:

      Maybe, just like in Equestria Girls with the sirens, the Winter creatures just like picking on Ponies?

      1. kokomo says:

        maybe the pones were just the biggest source of disharmony. Huh, guess the windigos hadnt heard of griffins or dragons.

  5. Brownie Guy says:

    I have a certain place in my heart for well-made histories, there was, a while back, a series on YouTube that could almost be parallel (in terms of quality) with your history although hers was a bit less playful and giggle-filled. The person behind it spent months looking into real-world mythos and histories when creating her craft. Sadly, due to reasons, she got burned out and had to put the fascinating series on an indefinite hiatus. I hope that this doesn’t happen to boe. I always hate seeing a story or project that I enjoy dying via silent death.

    1. Jack Zimmerman says:

      And what is that called?

      1. ArtisticDawn says:

        The youtube channel and series is called, “Historical Equestria.” While it did get through the main equestria elements, the youtuber must have burned out near the parts dealing with Zebrica.

  6. LittleSlimy says:

    Except the planet of MLP FIM isn’t our Earth.

    The Sun and the Moon are moved by Celestia and Luna.
    If you go by this fact stated in the very first episode, you have to be worry about the south of the planet, because they never see either the Sun or the moon.

    My assumption is, the planet looks like Discworld’s, unlike our Earth, it is a flat planet.

    1. Shieltar says:

      interesting theory

      1. LittleSlimy says:

        I can go on detail and prove it with actual facts, by showing how our universe works, and how it could not work in the universe of my little pony FiM …

        … But I can’t do here, I need to link pictures and stuff like that …

  7. Veronica says:

    I love how derpy Twilight Sparkle looks and how it looks like Celestia is staring at judgingly.

  8. Joshua Crosby says:

    But I thought you said in a previous page, back on deviantart, when someone mentioned that a quote from a girl (who had the same curly hair as Pinkie Pie, wondering what she’d be like as a pony), that the human’s weren’t going to become ponies.

    I’m confused…

  9. MOW says:

    So Starswirl was born bearded? Nice.

  10. Borg says:

    I’d be inclined to doubt ‘Tia’s and Luna’s belief that they couldn’t and can’t afford to correct the historical record whether or not they were acting from a position of authority. That goes doubly given the extreme sparsity of the Equestrian historical record; there’s rather a lot of inoffensive facts waiting to be filled in by somepony who was there. But then, I don’t make their decisions for them.

  11. silversong says:

    Late reply but humanity is surprisingly good at forgetting their invention and technology. I remember reading somewhere that they dug up a clock like bronze machine that was built way before any clocks were invented, and you can find several inventions that actually have credited someone who invented later than the true first inventor, whether they stole the idea or truly made it themselves.
    Also legends tend to come from the true story that added mystical details, blurring into a blanket made by stitches of made up facts. There are many historical tales that later were proven wrong because victors told stories or storyteller romanced it.

  12. Ethan says:

    There are even many places in Equestria that resemble real life cities expanding this story:

    Baltimore – Baltimare
    Manhatten – Manehatten
    Las Vegas – Las Pegasus
    Seattle – Seaddle
    Philadelphia – FIllydelphia
    Hollywood – Applewood
    California- Coltifornia

    You can even see many landmarks in the show and the comics

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