Book 3-01 [remastered] cover page

Book 3-01 [remastered] cover page


7 thoughts on “Book 3-01 [remastered] cover page”

  1. Cobalt Comet says:

    Wonder if all the magic around Philomena will turn her into a real Phoenix.

    1. Arcadia D. Windjumper says:

      probably we know machines can handle magic and magic has changed grace a human who theoretically cant use or be affected by magic has been changed by magic into a pony and now can use shape changing magic at will so magic making Philomena real considering she is real in mlpfim show yes it is possible

      1. By the way you two, this is a republishing of Book 3 with updated artwork and dialogue. So this is the introduction of Philomena the Ro-Pet. 🙂

        1. Arcadia D. Windjumper says:

          i know i am just speculating on the theoretically possibility that plillomina would become real at some point we obviously know what happens in book 3 up to book 8 but book 9 we don’t so it is a possibility in book 9 she becomes real so it is fun to speculate about what will happen like the director could become a hippogriff or a sphinx or any number of other creatures in the mlpfim universe

          1. Arcadia D. Windjumper says:

            I just thought of something we know traveling between worlds is possible thanks to the mlpfim film but we also know if I remember correctly the pony’s fled the home land and settled in what is now known as equestria but what if equestria is in another world other than this one in the comic so as far as I know their are 3 theoretical worlds the one twilight travels to in the equestria girls movie the one the tv series takes place and the one this comic is in
            i just cant fathom that the entire world just crumbles to dust we know remnant’s or our world will always be apparent from tv shows
            and I know it is a magical world but just think i cant believe magic helps cover up a old civilization for the pony’s sake cause magic dose now has that kind of foresight as far as i know but pony’s could but learning about the people that come before us is important so y would they cover it up unless it is another world in which case their is nothing to cover up which explains a lot

    1. Eroraf says:

      That is a big bird.

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