Book 3-04 [remastered] you’re a real bird

Book 3-04 [remastered] you’re a real bird


4 thoughts on “Book 3-04 [remastered] you’re a real bird”

  1. no one says:

    Oh no oh no oh no TIA NO-

  2. Oh Tia, you’re so sweet and naive to think this will work/go well…please don’t change. :3

  3. Xanderfox says:

    Wait… Philomena was replaced with a robot wasn’t she? Oh my, did Tia figure out the robot wasn’t the real Philomena and now she is going to correct it,by bringing a fire bird into existence! Little Filly + Fire = Bad!!!

    1. Shieltar says:

      This is book 3 remastered. That has not happened yet. That is soft toy philomena. Philomena V1.0 if you will.

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