Book 3-20 [remastered] begin the plan

Book 3-20 [remastered] begin the plan


5 thoughts on “Book 3-20 [remastered] begin the plan”

  1. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

    Yes Tia, someday you’ll be an amazing mommy to Twilight and her friends…because you learnt how to be a good mommy from the very best! ^^
    That final panel – aww… *sounds of heart melting*

  2. Eroraf says:

    Becoming an adult, step one: “I make a lousy adult.”

    1. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

      I need an adult!
      Shit, I AM an adult!
      I need an older adult;
      Someone who is successfully adulting.
      An adultier adult!

      I still have moments like that all the time…and i’m 38. xD

      1. Eroraf says:

        This is the moodiest mood I’ve ever mooded.

        1. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

          This is the BIG MOOD

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