Book 9-20

Book 9-20


24 thoughts on “Book 9-20”

  1. cogwheelbrain says:

    I think it’s getting serious

  2. Rebecca says:

    Is that Italy?

  3. SuperTaster says:


  4. Crazyone says:

    Dumb joke that I’ll try to keep PG

    Hospital receptionist: “Good morning, what seems to be the problem today?”
    Newly transformed Mare: “Yes, my throat is very sore and I would like to get it checked” -in a rasp voice-
    Receptionist: “Mind telling me how this happened?”
    Mare: “…no”

  5. Cobalt Comet says:

    Wonder what the news is going to be like. Sure to be lots of freaking out. But will it be cute.

    1. sim says:

      well u got to consider what happened to the house reamber with a little magic it turned into a castle so what might happen to the power lines or cameras or the tv studio and the fact suddenly pony not every one would knowhow to function like on like mark said when he garbed his phone and his dad was all like how did you grab your phone he said practice so it takes time to be able to grab an work things that need hands like tv camera and microphone

  6. ElementOfKindness says:

    Not just an Equestrian world, nor an Equestrian solar system. Not even an Equestrian galaxy, but an entire Equestrian universe!!!!!

  7. Lukas G. says:

    This is how Humanity ends. Nice knowing you all. I am going to jump off a cliff i can’t live without fingers.

    1. Chakat Firepaw says:

      You do realize that not every sapient species in Equestria is hooved, right?

    2. Cylestea says:

      *laughs as you become a pegasi or other winged creature and just float to safety*

      1. Lukas G. says:

        *hangs myself in front of Cylestea*

  8. LunacyDreamer says:


  9. JasonAW3 says:

    Well, this ain’t normal…

  10. Arn says:

    When are the visionaries, knight of tge magical light going to show up?

    1. Yet_Pone_More_Idiot says:

      Damn…an MLP crossover with Visionaries would be awesome! ^^ Wow, that takes me back to my childhood… ^^

  11. Telim Tor says:

    Marvin the Martian from his lab:
    “Oh goody, the Earth shattering KABOOM is finally happening….but I didn’t get to use my Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator. Now what am I going to destroy?”

  12. Arcane Howitzer says:

    That awkward moment when you accidentally the planet.

  13. videomaster21xx says:

    I’m really curious about how the transformation thing works. We saw one woman become a Kirin. Others become Griffons. Is there something that determines what you become?

    Also gotta admit that I’m curious if anyone swapped gender from this. Like the magic could tell they’d prefer that.

    1. Dream says:

      I’m honestly very curious as well. Maybe Shieltar will answer that eventually?

  14. Ferro says:

    Hey, I wanna see ponyfied UFO 😀

  15. Nazo Shyruhama says:

    I’m sure there are humans who were spared by this magic spell because they were underground or in bunkers for x or y reason

  16. Mevneriel says:

    At least the magic spread across the solar system. Imagine being on the ISS and watching that happen and not being affected.

  17. Dream says:

    Yes! WHOO!

  18. roguim says:

    The Third Impact went in a way unexpected for Seele.

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