Q&A 2

Q&A 2


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  1. ryttyr says:

    So wait… is her shape shifting abilities a joke or canon?

    1. Shieltar says:

      cannon, and there is reasoning behind it… other than it being fun.

      1. ryttyr says:

        Is one of those reasons NSFW related? (And if so where can I find it?)

        1. Shieltar says:

          I will never host NSFW content on boequestria.co.uk and will always limit myself to suggestive as a maximum.

          HOWEVER… there are archives of all my artwork available on request to patreon supporters of $10 or more, in both SFW and NSFW forms.

          1. ryttyr says:

            Obviously. And thank you.

  2. ryttyr says:

    Also I seem to have forgotten but what was the reason behind you making your own webpage for BoE instead of sharing it on a webcomic site like say Tapas?

    1. Shieltar says:

      Because my readers were being harassed and DA was being utterly 100% ineffective at dealing with it.

      Having my own website means I can deal with problems directly, rather than having to deal with a sluggish intermediary like DA.

      It also enables me to automate early access distribution in a way that helps me prevents art theft.

      1. ryttyr says:

        Harassment? What kind of harassment? Also I don’t think that’d be as big a problem on a webcomic site as it would have a narrower userbase of webcomic readers only.

        1. Shieltar says:

          it would have the same user base wherever I went, as he was targeting me through my readers. So the harasser was bound to continue. This way I had full control to stop the abuse.

          1. ryttyr says:

            Ah. It was a single person specifically targeting you and your readers? Why the heck would someone do that?!

            1. ABlankMask says:

              Welcome to the Internet

  3. Arn says:

    So…..don’t let imaginary Mark Grace meet real Grace?
    Red hair…shape shifter….the name of Grace mom wouldn’t be Maya, would it?

    1. Shieltar says:

      The only thing we know about her is that she is not around, and the prof is concerned about her reaction if she finds out her baby has wings.

      There are currently no plans that she will turn up, but I know that she left Gerald, who is a much better parent than she was.

      1. ryttyr says:

        Just out of curiosity, is their last name Harmoney originally from her father or her mother?

        1. Shieltar says:

          tradition would dictate from the father. Coupled with the fact that he’s still called Harmoney as a single parent. it’s definitely his family name.

  4. Koolgy says:

    Why is this Q&A 2? Where’s 1?

    1. Shieltar says:

      apparently it did not get transfered. here it is.

      You will note that I’m useing a much older OC, as I’m the pony in the smokeing jacket.

      1. Koolgy says:


  5. ryttyr says:

    So wait… does this mean she could theoretically shapeshift away her wings? (Disregarding the fact that this would probably not be too good for her as she needs them to bleed of excess magic)

    1. ryttyr says:

      Although, doing so would just force her into her pony state once her human state can’t take anymore magic and spontaneously turning into a pony is probably even more inconvenient than walking around with wings if you are in public.

      1. Shieltar says:

        I think you just answered your own question.

        1. ryttyr says:

          But she could do it in theory at least.

          1. Shieltar says:

            “she can change her human form for short periods of time” so between 5 – 30 minutes she could make her wings so small they essentially don’t exist.

            The more extensive the change, and the less practiced she is at it, the quicker she will return to normal though.

            1. ryttyr says:

              I see, cool. And thank you.
              I suppose she can’t shapeshift her pony form though as it is already saturated with magic.

              1. Shieltar says:

                Yes and No. (in that order)
                Yes she can’t change her pony form.
                No, not for that reason. Beyond that I’ll let you speculate.

  6. Critter Rhode says:

    Is Grace reading it as it is typed, or is that a grammatical error? You’re should be Your. But if it is what the fan had typed, Send it to Jacksfilms at Your Grammar Sucks. 🙂

    1. Critter Rhode says:

      ooohhh, Looks like the joke I was making may not go over as a joke. I just read your 1st Q & A after typing my question. Now I feel bad. 🙁

      Just so you know I suck bad at spelling. If Firefox didn’t have an auto spellcheck, I would have more errors. Sometimes I even have to Google the word to have it correct me if I am so far off the spelling that spellcheckers are guessing the wrong word.

  7. Astromormy says:

    It’s kind of funny how Grace’s breasts became a big enough deal to warrant a page specifically to clear up any confusion.

    1. Pokelink says:

      Yeah, they were pretty big, and now we know why.

  8. ryttyr says:

    Also, Shieltar. Could you please look into fixing the mess that is the mobile version if this site?
    I took some screenshots of it for you in case you can’t see it for yourself but don’t know how to share them with you.

    1. Shieltar says:

      send me a PM on my DA page with a link to the picture.

  9. So Mark likes to recollect flashbacks of Grace with bigger breasts than she actually had at the time?

    I guess he could be thinking “thanks for the mammaries”? 😀

    ….Dat third and fourth panel tho. HAWT.

  10. Heather Trails says:

    Bunnies are best and cutest furries Nice avatar. :p

  11. BenRG says:

    Er… Yes, that /is/ what I said back in the strip in question.

  12. Borg says:

    Just don’t go too big. I’m told even heterosexual/bisexual males do sometimes have a threshold where they notice that it’s blatantly unnatural and it starts to look freaky, although apparently that threshold is higher than in homosexual/bisexual females. I guess people only really understand their own anatomy?

    I dunno. I’m just an ace who doesn’t really get any of it.

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