Book 7-28
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Book 7-28

14 thoughts on “Book 7-28”

  1. Smacking down hard into sand is one thing Lulu…but you really need to improve your landing technique ‘cos smacking that hard into tarmac is something quite different…! xD

    1. Arn says:

      She doesn’t have her drone certificate yet.
      Once she has that peace of paper…the she can fly.
      It’s magic!

      1. Arn says:

        Piece and then

  2. Danyelle says:

    Uh… where is Grace’s cutie mark?

  3. Arn says:

    No flying cars…wait…
    He could have a flying car, he could have a road, he could move the houses! Better yet! Make them float!
    Why doesn’t he? Can’t think that way yet?

    1. V says:

      Isn’t he low on magic?

      1. Arn says:

        Low floating buildings? Half roads?
        Hoping cars?

  4. ryttyr says:

    Oh if he only knew they didn’t actually fly on but landed just on the other side of the buildings.

  5. Tia: totally stuck that landing while practicing her Superhero Landing Pose. 😀

  6. Arn says:

    What are the girls watching? What are they reading?
    Shieltar we need to know!
    Who is their teacher in this, pre Equestria, world?
    Surely they learn other things beside cards and superhero poses?
    What about professor Harmony’s advise? Do not tolerate bad behavior? (Long diatribe on child actors ,as if I really knew or had a clue!)..And that is why they have trouble when the grow up people on the dark think the bad behavior portraited “cute”.

    1. ryttyr says:

      Those are some very interesting questions that I’m glad you brought up as I now realise I too are very interested in knowing the answers to.

  7. Brownie Guy says:

    Lookin’ good Luna (high five/hoof)!

  8. Kendo says:

    Mark! Language!

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