Book8 01

Book8 01


16 thoughts on “Book8 01”

  1. Vic says:

    oooh cool, and concerning.

  2. SuperTaster says:

    Spoilers: It’s a squishy stress ball.

    1. ryttyr says:

      (I actually have a stress ball just like that.)

    2. Alan says:

      That reminds me, there should totally be a “blooper reel” (just what would have made it funnier but made no sense) after the comic is over

  3. Danyelle says:

    This won’t end well… I just know it….

  4. Ryan says:

    Well, this bodes poorly. The Director’s about to break the universe.

    1. Danyelle says:

      Or kickstart a worldwide ponification…. It could be anyone’s guess at this point!

  5. Yet_Pone_More_Idiot says:

    I feel like there’s suddenly about to be a lot of Equestrian world-building in this chapter, with the Director breaking laws of physics all over the shop…

    And I find I’m looking forward to it! *evil laughter*

  6. ryttyr says:

    Everyone is talking about impending doom but I’m more interested in why everyone is looking at the director except for Mark who’s looking away.

    1. aerotendo says:

      Really? I thought he was looking at Luna.

  7. Borg says:

    The same thing we do every chapter: try to take over the world.

  8. aerotendo says:

    All I can say it that the wedding and birth of the baby better happen! I wanna see the birth of their new younger sibling and WHO it might be from the MLP universe! 🙂

    1. Danyelle says:

      Given that Grace is half Pegasus… Fifty bits says it’s Commander Hurricane

  9. Arn says:

    The director’s gonna bring back Pangea!
    ….or at least have Doggerland rise back out of the sea…what would more chaotic?

    What do you think?
    Atlantian: Well, as a citizen of Atlantis I am apllaled at the blatant discrimination! After all aren’t we in all the stories? Aren’t we the most advanced under the sea if not the world don’t we have first rights for having a long line of Sorcerer Kings?
    Walking Microphone: So you believe Atlantis should be first in this new age of magic?
    Atlantian: Of course! To bring back Doggerland is one thing(to think while we had cable TV they were still trying to make fire) but to pave over our community or worse lift it out of the sea(I mean what are the working class the water breathers supposed to do)?
    Microphone: So you are opposed to the director’s rule?
    Atlantian: I feel the director would better serve as the overseer on his seasaw of an island penal Collony of politics prisoners sending out his roaring bouncing ball to round up strays!
    Microphone; Anything else?
    Atlantian: yes! IAM NOT A NUMBER….
    This been an on the street opinion..

  10. Markhammons says:

    Hey, in the very last panel she’s wearing Applejack’s hat,what gives?

  11. I kind of want to see Celestia mature somewhat and start to ask more serious questions about her origins. She doesn’t have to lose her adorable nature of course but that she does bring it up sometimes. Also that she develops a serious interest in what Grace’s father is doing since it’s her own origin.

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