Book 1-01

Book 1-01

The comic in which I intend to tell the story of Celestia and Luna’s childhood. During which we will discover the reason for so many things. Like, why does she treat philomina like she does? why are there so many girls and so few guys, why is everything designed for humans…

all the while remaining as faithful to the feel of the show and tying in to as much fan law as I possibly can.

oh, and BTW… I’m expecting this comic to easily run into the double figures.

in this episode we find out where the pony race began.


now with corrected spelling errors (fingers crossed)
reason for the errors is I’m slightly dyslexic. so I cant see the errors. I’ll try harder to keep the errors down to a minimum on the colour pages. (colour is spelt right… I’m British)


3 thoughts on “Book 1-01”

  1. Alan says:

    Heh there are no comments here…y tho?

    Also “allot” might be “a lot” but I’m not sure if that’s normal in the British language…

    And cant is can’t in the explanation of fixing grammar errors kinda ironic huh?

  2. Talon says:

    “oh, and BTW… I’m expecting this comic to easily run into the double figures”

    As I post this, it’s in the triple digits at 176.
    Makes me wounder what the original 10 or 20 pages were going to be like.

    1. Maybe the “double figures” was referring to the first book only, not the entire comic? 😉

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