Book 7-27

Book 7-27


28 thoughts on “Book 7-27”

  1. Lord Nobady says:

    got you

  2. Solar flair says:

    He better not

  3. MrMilitary101 says:


  4. Arn says:


    How dare he put fresh pizza in the fridge!

      1. Arn says:

        If we’re talking pizza..
        Oh boy Oberto!

    1. Anon says:

      Sorry didn’t mean to reply

  5. Danyelle says:

    I guess the director would be after Grace since she’s the catalyst due to Tia and Lulu… but he’d also be harming an unborn child that he’s unaware of…

  6. Grahf says:

    What happen to 7-27?

    1. Shieltar says:

      on closer inspection, it’s been miss numbered.

  7. Yet_Pone_More_Idiot says:

    Director: Harmoney’s pony…
    …waitaminute, PONIES????

    It’s fair to say, the Director knows what he’s looking for now! …I wonder if this is the final page of Book 7? Hmm…

  8. Hrhkatya says:

    Oohh Tia and Luna going to meet discord soon?

    1. John says:

      uh oh no FLY away as fast as you can there’s a craz man coming to get you !1!1!1!1!
      Now enter a got to go fast meme
      Here :

      1. Yet_Pone_More_Idiot says:

        What they really need are some go-faster stripes! 😀

  9. BenRG says:

    I always thought that the ponification would be the act of a fool who knew nothing about what he was doing.

  10. ryttyr says:

    A new page already? Wow, you’re really spoiling us Shieltar. Thank you so much!

  11. Nikary Flare says:

    Hm? This page is numbered 28, while the previous one was 26…

    1. Shieltar says:

      numbering goof. It’s the correct page.

  12. Ryan says:

    Oh, crapbaskets.

  13. ryttyr says:

    Wait… last time I asked if this comic took place in England I got told that no it takes place in the US but now he’s driving on the left, are you all sure it doesn’t take place in England?

    1. ryttyr says:

      Wait, no. He’s actually just driving on the wrong side of the road. Because the steering wheel is on the left in his car so it’s built for driving on the right but he’s driving on the left anyways.

      1. Feather says:

        I think it actually is in the UK

      2. He’s looking up out of the car window at Pegasus ponies flying past…my best is he lost control of the car and it swerved across the road before he hit the brakes. xD

      3. Shieltar says:

        I previously tried to keep it ambiguous as to where it’s set. But too many little things slipped through, so yes, It is set in the UK. However, I am not used to looking straight at the driving position outside of US TV shows and movies… so that is why the opsie of which side his steering wheel is on. I’m just going to say it’s a forign imported car.

        1. ryttyr says:

          So it’s confirmed then, that the comic takes place place in the Uk. Yeah, I thought it took place in the UK. But then… wouldn’t we be able to see the origin of the beam in Book 3 Page 9 as we can clearly see the United Kingdom in that page? Then again, in that page the origin of the beam seems to be somewhere in China or Japan and I’m pretty sure this comic doesn’t take place in either of those countries. Besides, we also see the white cliffs of Dover in the cover for book 7 so it would make sense for it to take place in the UK as I doubt they would fly all the way to the UK from wherever they would otherwise live by their own wing power.

  14. Borg says:

    You’d think it would already be common knowledge in the area that ponies fly overhead occasionally. It’s not like they’re subtle. But apparently he didn’t know about that lead before.

    1. Maybe he just happened to be driving through that area for some reason unrelated to the plot, but actually doesn’t live or work around there at all? 🙂

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