Book 1-04

Book 1-04

Birth of Equestria page 4. The holidays are over.

now with corrected speech bubbles


5 thoughts on “Book 1-04”

  1. Goldy says:

    Panel 6 is a Thing of Nightmares

    1. maxtes252 says:

      It makes me think of “KITTY!!” from El Goonish Shive.

      1. Headlock1_0 says:

        Oh my goodness! I didn’t expect to randomly find someone else who reads that! I just started reading EGS around a month ago and have been loving it ever since! I haven’t caught up to present yet but going through 18 years of comics takes a bit.

  2. Draco Dei says:

    Text in last panel too small to read. Provide it in the comments or insert a 1-04-B page into archive?

    1. Shieltar says:

      uhh… why is this page so narrow? It’s not supposed to be that narrow. There, fixed.

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