Book 2-14

Book 2-14


One thought on “Book 2-14”

  1. Keybounce says:

    So … the teacher leaves the classroom unattended?

    And the whole “it followed me to school” bit?

    Not sending the mis-behaving child to the principal’s office, so the teacher can teach, but disrupting the whole class?

    The class meanwhile doesn’t have a problem with “Mommy”?

    And she happens to have the stuffed toy with her, rather than it being at home for Princess to play with during the day?

    … In fairness, this makes more sense than what little I know of G1-G3 / typical child TV programs. I don’t know how British schools behave, but the American schools I went to did not behave this way. If you brought a pet / robot / anything that disrupts class, you go to the principal and the rest of the class gets the teacher.

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