Book 4-16

Book 4-16


3 thoughts on “Book 4-16”

  1. AeroTendo says:

    Ah silly Grace… your body was changed by MAGIC! That means you already break the rules and thus flying and other things are definitely possible!

  2. “I feel like I could run for miles in this body”
    Actually her ability to run long distances has been hampered significantly. Long distance movement is where humans excel at better than almost any other large animal.

    Though I would think her friends would be mostly worried about her. After all it’s great to be like this for a while but it’s awful to be stuck like it.

    1. Folmhaigh says:

      I believe the idea is that she could run those miles -QUICKLY- not effectively, plus she is now a magic pony, and in the actual canon we see that ponies perform similar feats to humans on a GREATER scale, earth and pegasus specifically do better in physical activity, AJ herself is lucky that her magic must be protecting her from the reverp of her kick (we see that her kick is not just magically selecting the apples to fall) because if it didn’t it would literally cause every bone in her body to shatter from the force of the kick she performs, and she does it hundreds of times a day and can do it much more than that seen in the episode where she works for at least 2 days straight

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