Book 6-04

Book 6-04


27 thoughts on “Book 6-04”

  1. Jared says:

    So the reason discord is a jumble of creatures is because a committee couldn’t make their mind and their boss was breathing down their necks to hurry up.

  2. Jean Marcel says:

    the worst?
    I think derpy will be born and she’ll explain it


  3. A wonderful life says:

    This kind of reminds me of an old car repair commercial where the slobby repair manager tells the client over the phone that he has his 3 best guys on it, and the camera pans to show 3 fat guys sitting on the car eating lunch.

  4. Volko says:

    “What’s the worst that could happen?”

    Murphy gona be a busy imp.

    1. BenRG says:

      A global extinction-level event with the laws of physics permanently altered? Is that bad enough for you?

  5. ryttyr says:


  6. johnnosk says:

    Remember: A camel is a horse that was designed by committee!

  7. BenRG says:

    Come to think of it, it makes sense that Discord was a creature designed by a committee.

    At least we know now how humans became extinct – They wouldn’t have stood a chance against The God of Chaos. He would barely have had to raise a talon to get us to turn on each other and destroy ourselves.

  8. Astromormy says:

    “Let’s just do it. What’s the worst that could happen?”

    ……..You poor, naive fool.

    I take it that the company has no idea where Professor Harmony is? I also take it that Celestia and Luna will eventually end up trapped in that device.

  9. Biological design by committee…what’s the worst that could happen? LOL humans. 😛

    Also, small things but I noticed a few typos on this page – documents has one C, not two; and apart has one P, not two. Mammals has an A, not mammels, and a bit weirdly, weirdness has an EI, not an IE. 🙂

    1. Arn says:

      Humans wearing Star Trek uniforms!
      …also by committee, Klingon spy pushed the bell bottoms!

  10. Ragegamer243 says:

    This entire page is EA in a nutshell, imo.

  11. Brownie Man says:

    I am really enjoying this comic so far and can’t wait for the next page. You have done a fabulous job with giving Celestia and Luna believable attitudes and they are just so cute at that age. All I know is that I don’t think I could be half the parent Harmony is.

  12. Talon says:

    A man who’s hair looks like horns, now has access to a device that sucks up magic.

    I see him as a smart business man, but a lot of effort is put into making him look sinister.

  13. DragonMaus says:

    Discord *would* be designed by committee, wouldn’t he?

  14. Twylite-Sparkle says:

    Chaos in the planning stages…

  15. Astromormy says:

    Hopefully, Discord doesn’t become evil in this and is just a fun-loving, mischievous prankster, after whatever story arc he’s involved in is finished.

    1. Arn says:

      Fun loving prankster…
      “Bloom and Bloom and Bloom!!!”Jeremy, From Yellow Submarine..
      the movie, not the album folio.
      Replace him with Twilight in the movie! Wouldn’t that be fun!
      “She’s a real nowhere mare…”when she was a unicorn….

  16. Headlock1_0 says:

    * I facehoof myself through the frickin’ wall behind me *

  17. Arn says:

    Antlers huh….
    Somebody been watchin “Five Million Years To Earth”?
    ….the serial not the movie..

  18. xanderfox says:

    Famous Last words..

  19. sweetymimy22 says:

    und so entstand discord . hahahahahahahaha

  20. Borg says:

    Anybody who says “I’m tired of discussing this; let’s just implement all the ideas in the same product” should be immediately banned from performing or supervising engineering work ever again.

    1. AeroTendo says:

      I agree! It is like making a rocket and having everyone’s suggestions make it into the creation of it including having a glass ceiling and crystal chandelier in the ballroom. Sooooo much can go wrong! LOL!

  21. kokomo says:

    you know what, this is canon. everything else may be debated, but this is canon. pure canon.

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