Book 6-28

Book 6-28


32 thoughts on “Book 6-28”

  1. Alan says:

    Is mazing

  2. Alan says:

    In panel 3 either no horn or disconnected left leg

    1. Alan says:

      Oh wait legs don’t come out of heads…


  3. Ryan says:

    Well, so much for changing Mark back.

  4. ThePiratePeter says:

    Purple pony sparkle?

    1. ryttyr says:

      Oh yeah. Nice catch.

    2. Nikary Flare says:

      And “twilight” in the previous bubble…

    3. Alan says:

      Wasn’t that an obvious catch?

      1. Nikary Flare says:

        Not to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      2. TakeruDavis says:

        I caught it too

  5. ryttyr says:

    Awww. The stick didn’t stick to her horn like I thought…

  6. Headlock1_0 says:

    She’ll be fiiiiine. Just…make sure she doesn’t drown in that river Lulu. Breathing is important, even when you’re a nearly indestructible pony princess.

  7. Nikary Flare says:

    Annnd… Mark and Grace get interrupted a second time within the same hour.

    I’m guessing they get interrupted a lot in general.

    1. A wonderful life says:

      Let’s hope that doesn’t become a running gag. It would quickly become cheap frustration.

      But this was an amusing page, celey should fine so long as lulu keeps her head above water.

    2. Charles says:

      Cuteus Interuptus

  8. Irishshift says:

    The REAL question here is to fold untapped prophetic ability, or extremely confidential concussion?

    1. AeroTendo says:

      Who can’t say it isn’t both?

  9. Benjamin Berlin says:

    kind of reminds me of when I would “play dead” with my little brother back when he was about Luna’s age, he would get so upset thinking he had actually hurt his big brubber. He has since grown into a strapping young man of 15 with all the snark and hormonal issues that come with the territory, gosh, I kind of miss those long ago days.

  10. dan says:

    you made a pun about twilight sparkle

  11. Alan says:

    Oh and in the first panel celly’s tail is white, not pink 😉

  12. Twylite-Sparkle says:

    Concussions aren’t magic…

  13. Volko says:

    Hey has anyone else notised that Luna ate halfe of Celestia in panal 2?

  14. EvgEnZh says:

    And this is how the secrets of the Universe opened to Tia, and how she became the wise princess we all know and love. Some think that her sanity might have been affected in process, but this is one of the things better left undiscussed.

  15. MD Webster says:

    “Hellooooooo! Pincess! Ha ha ha ha, Pincess.”

    Animaniacs, funny guys.

  16. AeroTendo says:

    I know Celestia will be ok, but what I’m curious about is what will happen next. All this is obviously the calm before the storm (which is probably Discord or the mysterious Grace’s mother, if I were writing that is.)
    Also, just when will Mark turn back? Grace’s father will not be happen to discover that she can affect non-family people after all.

    1. BenRG says:

      I’m wondering if, whilst she’s under, Tia will have a prophetic dream about Discord and his role in the end of the Age of Man (similar to the dream she had about Tirek’s return).

  17. BenRG says:

    Panel 2, Celestia’s third speech bubble: In the show, Tia is a seer, one who can foresee the future. I think that that 2×4 to the face has just jump-started that special ability.

  18. Arn says:

    Ok…so another day to wait.

  19. Talon says:

    I can’t help but wounder if Grace made a ‘pop’ sound on takeoff.

  20. Borg says:

    Nice job concussing your sister. I see you were trouble from the start.

  21. Luna did do a good thing cradling Celestia like that. After all if she didn’t do that Celestia could have easily drowned.

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