Book 6-43

Book 6-43


33 thoughts on “Book 6-43”

  1. Cylestea says:

    so thats how dragons where made

  2. Ryan says:

    Wow, boss, did you do something different with your hair? Because you are SMOKIN’ HOT!

    1. Volko says:

      Da Dum Tish

  3. astromormy says:

    This makes me really interested to see what you do with the Director as far as his sudden magic abilities go and what equestrian species he’ll end up as considering Discord already exists.

    1. Chris says:

      He might be something unique

    2. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

      Well he seems to be Discord’s daddy. 🙂

  4. Nikary Flare says:

    So THAT’s what this guy becomes.

    1. Jared Ott says:

      Yeah, an arrogant hot headed runt of a dragon that got kicked off his high horse.

  5. ryttyr says:

    He’s kinda cute

  6. Jack Zimmerman says:

    With this kind of power, Will the Director be responsible for the Ponification event later on? I don’t know when this event will happen!

    1. AeroTendo says:

      Why would the Director be responsible? Most likely Discord or the Princesses would be responsible. Unless you think he’ll be Discord? Imagine if that baby Discord became the “Adult” Discord? or that Director will become merged with Discord, giving him a huge jump in age and mind?

      1. Mad_Max says:

        I like this idea. But just not a jump in age and mind, but rather wild mix of minds and personalities of an adult and a baby at the same time.

        It can explain A LOT about actual Discord from canon!

  7. Benjamin Eric Berlin says:

    Not at all what I expected, given his hair style I was expecting Tirek. Happy post-Turkey Day by the way

  8. Wolfie says:

    Well then. At least he’s a biological thing and not made of cotton candy.

  9. Alan says:

    Huh, neat.

  10. KeeCoyote says:

    He’s still himself symbolicly a greedy little self important hot head. Dragon 🙂

  11. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

    Just one little correction to mention here – LITERALLY has only one T. 🙂

    Other than that, a really cool update! The father of all dragonkind is born! ^^

  12. Volko says:

    So this is why the boss’es pick hasent been working for the last couple of updates.

    IT was due for a renovation.

  13. Frostgear says:

    The hot hot is now a literal hot head!XD
    Also next update is on my b day wowho!

    1. Peter Hubenett says:

      Before anyone says anything I noticed the first hot head got changed.

  14. Mack Velthouse says:

    love this origin story, please keep it up

  15. Nekonomicon says:

    I love the use of tansformation in this series.

  16. BenRG says:

    Well, that at least explains why dragons are so greedy! They’re all descended from transformed greedy corporate executives!

    1. Arn says:

      Director’s confession.
      ” You see I didn’t just turned my boss into a dragon…I transformed them all!
      …and some school teachers.
      …and social workers ….just some…a scant few…”

  17. Daniel J. Drazen says:

    Think of it as a lateral promotion.

  18. BenRG says:

    Thinking a little more about this makes me realise that this maybe the first incident that leads to the ponification of the world. One man, gifted with the powers of Chaos but unable to control them and transforming stuff without being fully aware of it, let alone being able to stop it.

    1. Arn says:

      A mage of the highest order as opposed to a simple hand wizard.

  19. Arn says:

    Behold the Terrible tibbaR!
    ….oh a dragon…
    Bad idea…baby dragons get bigger every day.

  20. Dibullba says:

    How to Train Your Dragon Boss

  21. Masterius says:

    He sounds like Todd the Candy Dragon.

  22. Borg says:

    With that muzzle on him, how are you supposed to mock his pathetic inability to form actual words? You’re no fun at all.

    1. Vic_tory says:

      rar rar .rar file

  23. sweetymimy22 says:

    i actually thought that he would turn somehow into tirek. mostly bec he had hair like horns

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