Book 6-46

Book 6-46


30 thoughts on “Book 6-46”

  1. Masterius says:

    Now that looks so so comfy!

  2. astromormy says:

    Nice page. It seems we finally have our villain. And here I was thinking it was the Boss.

    1. Shieltar says:

      This was deliberate misdirection. Cliche’s are great for this.

      1. Yet-One-More-Idiot says:

        Yes, I can see the scientist fella is definitely on his way to becoming a massive pain in the a— I mean, the first major villain of Equestria.

        Perhaps Tirek? Or Grogar? We know he’s not Discord, although technically he is a lot like Discord’s daddy at this point (punny name: Dadcord)

        The second panel – flirty Grace ftw!

  3. Ryan says:

    Welp, the Director has completely snapped. Meanwhile, Mark’s balls are turning a lovely shade of blue. Not that the other ponies care. They’re too busy being adorable.

  4. Cylestea says:

    one big happy family

  5. ryttyr says:

    A pleasant pile of pretty ponies.

  6. Volko says:

    Not that the girls dont diserv a father figure, buuut…

    God damit Grace, stop blubaling your stalion!!
    Jokes aside this is just geting meansperited.

    1. Alan says:

      Wow that spelling…

      I think I just died inside.

      1. Volko says:

        Sorry I’m a dyslecktick. and english isent my first languish.

        1. Headlock1_0 says:

          Ouch. Well, good on you for not giving up and going a step further to learn English!

          1. Volko says:

            Well I do try to wright allot to traine how things are supose to be spelled, as for the english *shrug* that just part of swedish school.

  7. Masterius says:

    That looks like a perfect mirror image of Luna’s cutie mark.

  8. Alan says:

    Are they in the same room as 6-40?

  9. Alan says:

    Also kudos to shieltar for repeatedly drawing ties, they’re hard to draw πŸ™‚

  10. Benjamin Eric Berlin says:

    To all my fellow readers and to the author/artist, I extend wishes for a Very Happy Hearth’s Warming and a Princess Blessed New Year.

  11. Headlock1_0 says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  12. BenRG says:

    Mark, you really need to learn that ‘sweet’ is part of Grace’s thought processes! There’s a high probability that whatever she suggests is going to have a sweet component to it!

  13. Nikary Flare says:

    Happy New Year! %)

  14. Arn says:

    Happy New Year!

  15. AeroTendo says:

    Happy New Year to you all! πŸ™‚ May this comic also have a “Magical” New Year as well! *wink*

  16. Dany Doucet says:

    Something tells me Grace is going to be in danger….

  17. sweetymimy22 says:

    when will you upload the next page?? normally you have this text when you post it next but it isnt there anymore

    1. Nikary Flare says:

      That means the next page isn’t done yet, won’t be done for the next weekend, and there’s no promises about when it’ll be done, presumably because either real life or the page itself is complicated.

      I trust the date for the next comic will appear as soon as Shieltar is sure when it’ll be ready.

    2. Masterius says:

      Shieltar has been going through some rough times lately. RL has not been kind to him. I’ll admit I’m a bit worried about him, as he hasn’t even dropped a quick note to let us know how he’s doing. I’m keeping him in my thoughts and prayers, and it might not be a bad thing if all of us do the same as well.

  18. Shieltar says:

    Thank you for your thoughts. The problem has mainly been due to the time of year that prevent me from being able to do any more than the most basic of tasks.

    Firstly I work retail at Xmas. So my hours and stress go up and when I’m not at work I’m no good for art at all.

    Seccondly I tend to get a case of the winter blues. The very short days and long nights slowly affect my mental state untill I become so appathetic and dispondant that the word depressed starts looming on the horrizon, and I simply can’t bring myself to do even the most enjoyable of tasks until the days start getting longer again and I manage to line up a good nights sleep and a sunny day and BAM! back to normal.

    I knew all this was coming, that’s why I spent my last holiday preparing content for it. I just expected to be over the winter blues sooner.

    1. Dany Doucet says:

      Don’t push yourself too hard or things may get tougher

    2. Yet-One-More-Idiot says:

      I know a lot of people who get the winter blues* even if they don’t realise it, just make sure you take really good care of yourself man. πŸ™‚

      (*I always get the summer blues. lol)

  19. Borg says:

    You should have seen this coming, Mark.

  20. Mad_Max says:

    Pretty Pony Pile continues to grow!

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