Book 9-07

Book 9-07


23 thoughts on “Book 9-07”

  1. LordNobady says:

    Or else, that seems the better option.

  2. Cobalt Comet says:


  3. Nikary Flare says:

    So, the number one question is: can this guy’s fancy chaos magic counter a plasma gun?

    1. Eroraf says:

      Not quite. The number one question should be: did this guy absorb enough ambient magic to even use his fancy chaos magic yet?

      1. sailtor says:

        Good question, but I believe that question by # Nikary Flare is more important, because knowing possibilities comes prior to their usage, although there might be(like in this certain case) some “but”s.

  4. deathsia150 says:

    If grace can instinctually use magic then i dread to think what she’s capable in a blind rage which is probably what’s gonna happen when this guy pulls his “or else”…

  5. JasonAW3 says:

    I suspect, should he attempt his ‘or else’ he will suffer a serious case of Cranial /Rectal Inversion. In other words, she’ll shove his head so far up his own bum, he’ll be able to examine his own tonsils.

    1. Eroraf says:

      Given that the tonsils are literally on the sides of the throat above the epiglottis, it would be far easier to just remove the top portion of the head and cram it down the esophagus.

      1. Nickyboy5038 says:

        Not as painful though.

  6. Crazyone says:

    I would edit the bald guy’s expression in the last panel to have both his eyebrows straight to make him look more menacing than suave. Also ‘property’.

  7. Talon says:

    Is Grace’s horn sticking out of her illusion?

  8. ElementOfKindness says:

    Oh baby! If he attempts to hurt Grace’s father, he’s gonna get a big old load of undisciplined, magical smackageddon!

  9. BLADE Dancer says:

    the weird thing is I saw this coming he was always unable to see outside his own views that a that a easy corruptible person if any.

  10. Astro says:

    Da hek. When did Grace upgrade to alicorn? Does that make her immortal now, despite the suggested time line?

    1. Eroraf says:

      Read the last few pages of Book 8.

  11. kokomo says:

    Grace, duck! your horn is sticking out! Actually, the sticking out horn makes sense cuz she doesn’t know she has it yet, so she isn’t trying to keep it in the bush. Also, this is labeled 6-7 instead of 9-07

  12. LunacyDreamer says:

    That horn sticking out has been shown multiple times now… It makes me wonder if that’s a small foreshadowing. Will power-hungry moron here see that horn when Daddy tries to dissuade him, and directly attack the trio?

    If so, I hope maternal instincts go crazy on his sorry a**. Add magic on top of those instincts, and you’ve got a pretty terrifying angry mother. 😛

  13. AeroTendo says:

    I’m loving the story and if I were the professor, I wouldn’t give up Celestia to that jerk! He should remain quiet about the sister as well. I wonder if Prof’s noticed the chaos hand stuck to his ex-boss Director?
    Oh, and I believe you need to correct “Property” and “Control”(1 L, not 2).

  14. roguim says:

    Yeah as his Chaos magic is researched yet. Also as it’s the Three it could prevent that type of magic.
    Other option the first use of tactical-rainbow laser.

    1. Foxstar says:

      The director is close to getting an alicorn beatdown.

  15. Foxstar says:

    The director is close to getting an alicorn beatdown.

  16. Smithers says:

    I’m sure BoE is usually better edited than this…

    ninjas*, company’s*, property*, control*, moment’s*, batteries*.

  17. Borg says:

    Maybe you should have thought about that before you fired him for said creation.

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