Book 7-11

Book 7-11


19 thoughts on “Book 7-11”

  1. Ryan says:

    Magical flying ponies at a public beach. This can only end well.

  2. Borg says:

    If you want a flying pony ride you’re going to need a good bribe. What have you got?

    1. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

      Maybe he could give ice-cream? I bet that’d work as a bribe! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. John says:

    Um Shieltar you forgotten to add Grace’s cutie mark in all the scenes her flank is showing in all the scenes

    1. Shieltar says:

      I will fix this as soon as I am able.

  4. ryttyr says:

    Ok, this is the best page in a while. I love Luna’s graceful landing. Celestia’s comment about it is also funny, mostly because it’s probably true. And that kid’s dismissive mother who probably didn’t even look at what her son pointed at. It’s all brilliant!

  5. Coco~Chan says:

    I feel like if that kid tries to play with celestia, sheโ€™s gonna send him to the moon. If he tries to play with Luna, theyโ€™ll get along. Grace would heard him to one of those two.

  6. GracieGhost says:

    um… grace doesnt have a cutie mark drawn in…

  7. Qwerty says:

    I love it the different differences in how they fly!

  8. Mepo says:

    Wouldn’t Mark have been safer in his pony form? I’d hate to imagine him falling to the ground as a fragile human if something went wrong.

  9. AeroTendo says:

    Silly Mark, kissing the sandy beach will lead to a lot of sand spitting later! LOL!

  10. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

    Grace and Celestia majestically soaring across the skies…while Luna is buzzing along beside them like a cute l’il pony-shaped drone. ๐Ÿ˜€

    We’ve all been that kid at some point in our lives – pointing out something really cool and interesting and different to our parents, who are too busy to bother looking and so think we’re just making junk up and dismiss it completely. Can’t wait to see if the kid tries to get a ride on either Tia or Luna.

    Luna might; teenaged Tia would probably be more like “And just WHAT do you think you’re doing?” ร”_o

    Also…just that first panel. Beautiful landscape work! ^^

  11. Crazyone says:

    I can imagine the ponification event (from your timeline page) just spreading out like a disease outbreak/pandemic. where it starts slow and in two or three years it effects everyone.

  12. Arn says:

    Oompa Loopa Doompada Dee
    Little boy of the beach please listen to me!
    Think to ride what you wide eye see?
    Listen, let pretty ponies be!
    If someone can do better they’re welcome!

    1. Ryan says:

      Oompa Loompa Doompadee Doo
      I’ve got a perfect puzzle for you.
      Oompa Loompa Doompada Dee
      If you are wise, you’ll listen to me.

      Ponies are cute, this is easy to see,
      Colors so bright, and a smile full of glee.
      But there is something you must be aware:
      They may not want you over there.
      They are also people!

      Oompa Loompa Doompadee Dah
      If you’re respectful, you will go far.
      You will live in happiness too,
      Like the Ooompa Loompa doompadee do.

      1. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

        Please accept this coupon for One Free Internet. ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. Ryan says:

          Many thanks!

      2. Arn says:

        Much better!
        Do we get another for the next panel?

        Beware the Goblin Pony….a poem by Andrew Lang.

  13. I would think landing would be really easy for Luna since she’s still very light. Grace would have the hardest time since she already started out fully grown.

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