Book 7-13

Book 7-13


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  1. Cylestea says:

    Are celly and luna about to have a lil sister or brother?

    1. Rebecca Rhine says:

      That get me to suspect that the first born pony generation is on it’s way

  2. PiMan says:

    Are those highlights artificial, or is that ice cream salesperson coming down with a mild case of pony?

    1. Alan says:

      This is the real question that needed to be asked, why is this guy dressed like discord?

      1. Discord says:

        What an insult! The spirit of chaos would never dress like that! Just a little bit of pink isn’t nearly enough!

        1. videomaster21xx says:

          Clearly that’s a humanized Think Pink

          1. Rebecca Rhine says:

            I disagree. The pre-Equestria in carnation of Pinkie is that girl that acts like the pink one.

            1. VeronicaTheDragoness says:

              They said Think Pink, not Pinkie Pie. They are an artist that is on Deviantart that has does comic strips.

  3. Hobbes says:

    If she’s pregnant who the heck is she gonna have?

    1. Rebecca Rhine says:

      She might have a background pony.

  4. Alan says:

    Why does an ice cream stand have lemons? And she ate it?

    1. Shieltar says:

      To put in the drinks of coca cola of course. Nothing says a nice refreshing drink of cola, like having to fish around with your fingers to pull out the slice of lemon you asked them not to put in there.

      1. William Aaron Atherton says:

        I like it.
        So I can come to England and they will put lemon in my cola? Neat.
        Do they only let you have one or three ice cubes like France?

        1. Shieltar says:

          3 ice cubes? I wish. They often fill the glass half way up with the things so they don’t have to give you as much cola because the glass is filled with ice. Hence why I ask for no ice. I get more cola that way.

          1. Alan says:

            Oh, in America we just refill it, or get it refilled. I’ve cream stands though? I’m not sure, I live in Arizona so we don’t have any outdoor ones.

            1. Shieltar says:

              The UK is one of the very few countries in the EU that gets refills. But we pretty much only get it at restaurants. This does NOT include fast food joints.

              1. I know exactly what you mean, Shieltar. There’s one woman in particular at my regular McD’s who, when I ordered from her, always filled the cup 2/3rds of the way up with ice and then topped it off with my drink order. I avoid her as often as possible now (and when I can’t, I specifically ask for no ice. The other servers are all way more reasonable anyway so I don’t specify with them).

                1. Shieltar says:

                  I did try asking for only two or three cubes. The following happened so often I gave up and just ask for no ice now.

                  The server would look confused at the request for 2 or 3 cubes, go to the ice, ask me to repeat my request 3 or 5 times, ask for help, and then put in 3 to 5 whole scoops of ice. I know it was a fast food place, but come on! How can they be that dense?

                  1. I think they have a quota of how much actual drink they’re allowed to put in customer’s drinks. xD Yeah like you, I just order “with no ice” now as well.

                  2. Alan says:

                    This made me laugh way more than it should’ve

      2. Nikary Flare says:

        They put lemons in coca cola? o_O”

        1. Mikey says:

          Why not? Right now, Coca-Cola is pushing an Orange Vanilla Coke (which, BTW, tastes awful).

          I believe Pepsi has also done Lemon Pepsi in the past.

        2. Having a slice of lemon added to cola (or other sodas) is common in sit-down restaurants where you get your drink served in a glass tumbler.

          We don’t get it in fast-food restaurants though, no. 😉

        3. Chakat Firepaw says:

          Lemon or lime makes a nice flavour addition to cola. Both Pepsi and Coke have lemon and lime variations that are most often available from things like Coke’s ‘Freestyle’ machines although both do make them available in bottles or cans from time to time.

      3. Gokart says:

        coca cola? what is it? xD #Poland

  5. Benji says:

    Is… Is the person selling the ice cream in the second to last panel supposed to be Think Pink from EStories?!

    1. Shieltar says:

      It’s a paid for cameo of this character
      I was asked to include it many books ago. I charged only a small amount because I would be using the character for the next time I needed a random one off character. I didn’t want to make him work for the bad guys, so it took a lot longer than it should have. But here it is. a paid for camoe.

  6. Qwerty says:

    Could it be cadence? That kind of goes against her origin story. Maybe chrysalis? Like a version before she’s all corrupted? I know she’s nearly as old as discord and celestia, I just hate to think the family would be that split apart in the future.

    Ooh! Maybe the first princess of the Chrystal kingdom? Since it’s a natural creation that would explain why she wasn’t as powerful or lived as long as the other two?

    1. ryttyr says:

      It could be human. Since no pony seems to fit the bill it could be a human child. Or… …maybe it’ll be a human/pony hybrid who don’t survive… ;.(. Nah. I don’t think so.

      1. Rebecca Rhine says:

        I do believe that she might have either a pegasus, Unicorn, or earth pony foal. Or it could be z human baby that when it’s old enough would bring a pony into the World.

        1. ryttyr says:


  7. Jay says:

    Buck it, I’m going to guess it would be Derpy!

    1. Rebecca Rhine says:

      Muffins won’t be born until Luna becomes nightmare moon and banished to the moon. and she was in the Golden Oaks library

  8. DracoBlair says:

    Yup, noticed Think Pink immediately. I currently own his tie

  9. Oooh looky, seems like there’s about to be another addition to the already-harmonious little family. 🙂

    Gotta say I’m not sure about Grace’s pregnancy cravings there, that is one weeeeeird combo on an ice-cream. Then again, as a kid, my favourite flavour of sandwiches was ONION, so…

    I guess Mark should get used to catering for odd cravings for a while, huh? After all, Grace is definitely the centaur of attention now… ;D

    1. Alan says:

      Let’s play a game, weirdest foods flavors! I’ll start it off simple with ketchup on rice.

      1. ryttyr says:

        Ever tried banana slices in tachos? It’s surprisingly tasty.

      2. Shieltar says:

        hula hoops crisps with raisons stuffed in them… yum!

        1. ryttyr says:

          I assume you mean raisins but what are hula hoops chips? Is it just torus-shaped chips?

            1. I had no idea until I just looked it up that Hula Hoops potato snacks only exist in the British Isles and S Africa! The rest of the world doesn’t know what it’s missing out on! 😛

              As long as we’re on the subject of crisps and snacks, my faves are Frazzles (and they’re only in the UK too)

      3. Mick says:

        Fried chicken with Kool Whip ( it’s got that sweet and salty thing going).

  10. ryttyr says:

    Ok. Someone have some weird cravings.

  11. anon says:

    Grace…are you pregnant? if so…what the heck is she gonna have?! a regular baby? baby with pony powers? or just a flat out foal?

    1. AeroTendo says:

      If she is pregnant (which I think she is at this point) will she have a human baby if she’s in human form or a pony because of when I think it happened was most likely when they were in pony form. Will it be a baby that can transform just like mommy? Back and forth from human and pony?

  12. kay1010100 says:

    That icecream guy looks like Think Pink from Estories

  13. Ryan says:

    Magic baby incoming! Does Gerald know?

  14. Arn says:

    Eventually, baby pony won’t let mommy be human.

    1. Alan says:

      Or pony

      1. Arn says:

        Kid: I just can’t decide!

        Any case dad’s gonna find out soon enough.

        Grace: I’m stuck…
        Prof. Harmony: Grace didn’t we have a talk about parenting and responsibility.
        Grace: Don’t withhold love?
        Gerald: Yes…and responsibility?
        Grace: Take responsibility?

        Sorry that’s far as I can imagine.

  15. Arn says:

    Can we have a musical number about soda pop while on the beach?
    At least have the girls turn the sea to soda…no…bad idea …:(

    1. Shieltar says:

      Unfortunately, music does not work in comics at all.

  16. Arn says:

    I forgot it cola. Not soda, or pop…i believe that’s a fruit drink.
    I’ve heard its three ice cubes for water not soda.

    You can have a musical number.
    1. If it rymes.
    2.It’s italizised.
    (last two not as important)
    3. they’re marching or dancing or posing.
    4.the words are different colors.

    I think we out here just imagine the melody.

  17. Arn says:

    It’s much fun when the conversation becomes so discursive!

  18. Wild Paw says:

    I guess I’ll be the only one to say it then.
    Gotta love that awkward tan line on the blond!

  19. Borg says:

    That is quite an order. I guess he probably had to find a hot dog cart for the condiments.

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