Book 7-17

Book 7-17


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  1. Dreamer says:

    Well, that’s a good way to look at it. I mean, lots of people freak out that they’ll be a father, but what has already happened so far would top that in some people’s minds, this is just the cherry on top! xD

  2. Ryan says:

    Aww, this is nice.

  3. Jack Zimmerman says:

    Yeah, I have the same question that Mark was wondering. Who could it be?

    And here’s my other question, when Grace has her baby or foal, would it trigger the ponification of the world with all that magic?

    1. Danyelle says:

      And if it is a foal, Grace would have to put up with two EXTRA months of pregnancy!

      1. AeroTendo says:

        Poor Mark and Harmoney then! Oh, and can you imagine a baby doctor’s reaction when they do a scan and see a foal? They’ll be like WTF! And probably recommend to send her to a vet. lol!

  4. tekkalord says:

    “Whatever happens, it can’t be weirder than this family already is.”

    Well… Mark just jinxed it. My money is on the child being neither pony nor human.

    1. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

      Perhaps a griffon! ….or a changeling. xD

      1. ryttyr says:

        Hmmm… a changeling could actually make sense. They can shapeshift just like the parents Grace and Mark can, their leaders are queens which would match the high importance of Grace’s children as Celestia and Luna are pretty much the pony equivalent of queens anyways and they feed on love so it’d be fitting if they were born from love as well instead of from science like Celestia and Luna were.

        1. Alan says:

          … oh

  5. Kerfluffle says:

    Hmm… a baby born from someone who can change form at will…
    Smells of happiness.
    Smells of love.
    Smells of changelings.

  6. I_Am_Number_Six says:

    A question that’s unrelated to this particular comic page: last I checked here, the comic page was focusing on Celestia and Luna building sandcastles (Luna was startled that Tia’s castle was so much larger than hers). That comic is now gone. I’m curious as to what happened (were the pages posted out of order or something)?

  7. astromormy says:

    Can’t wait to see what MLP character Grace’s child will be. I’m hoping for Chrysalis

    1. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

      If it wasn’t for the fact that Shieltar’s work only connects to G4, I’d be hoping for a Flutter Pony. Or as they’re at the beach, maybe a Sea Pony (Shoop-be-doop, shoop-shoop-be-doop!) xD

      I think a Changeling too actually, but maybe the First Changeling, surely Chrysalis comes MUCH later in the chronology?

      1. AeroTendo says:

        My thoughts are if it IS a Changeling, then wouldn’t it make sense that Chrysalis is born from losing her mother and the world resets itself into pony-form? With her perhaps losing her memories? After all, Chrysalis did mention her earliest memories before and being alone, so I think that makes her the FIRST of her kind.

  8. Borg says:

    I suppose that does raise the question of how much it’s costing to raise ‘Tia and Luna. Are fillies cheaper than human children?

    1. Nikary Flare says:

      Well, they don’t need as many clothes…

      1. Dany Doucet says:

        Or diapers!

        1. AeroTendo says:

          Plus they mature faster! And from what we have seen… no terrible ages either! LOL!

          1. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

            Oh, everybody/pony knows, the most terrible age of all is…teen-age! 😛 lol

  9. SnowyLilacs says:

    I just wonder what Princess and Luna will think of it all. Tia took awhile to warm up to Luna as is, so somehow I doubt Tia will be thrilled with another sibling, no matter the species…

    1. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

      Also one that was born naturally, rather than made in a Mad Science lab… 🙂

      1. AeroTendo says:

        I’m sure her father will be both highly upset and at the same time intrigued about the creation of a natural pony versus his machine-made ones being the mad scientist that he is.

        Unfortunately the new “Boss” of that company with Discord will also probably mess things up for that happy family. He seems like the type to not care about something like that.

        1. ryttyr says:

          You mean the Director of Stuf inc.?

          1. AeroTendo says:

            Technically isn’t he just a gibberish-talking dragon at this point? So the real boss is the one with Discord power. So that’s who I mean will mess things up. More than likely in his quest for more magical power, he’ll go after them.

    2. I still find it really weird that Luna is called by name but Celestia isn’t.

  10. fluttershee says:

    I’m betting it being a changling

  11. Mad_Max says:

    LOL Look lile “father.exe” finally loaded on panel 6.

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