Book 7-22

Book 7-22


24 thoughts on “Book 7-22”

  1. Dany Doucet says:

    Uh… Where’s the page? All I’m seeing is a blank spot….

    1. SolFlame says:

      You too? I thought it just wasn’t loading.

    2. Martin Visser says:

      it means that the page is make-believe just like Celestia being the villain on te the last page.

    3. Headlock1_0 says:

      You tried refreshing?

    4. Shieltar says:

      The page was missing, because I deleted the file, and had not replaced it with an updated version yet. Not realising that it was scheduled for upload before I had got around to finishing swapping out the file.

  2. zanny says:

    The page is a lie!

    1. Michael says:

      Just don’t ever tell Celestia the cake is a lie.

  3. Dany Doucet says:

    I don’t think either Tia or Luna know about their future sibling yet….

  4. Wolfie says:

    Could someone explain the joke for me?

    1. Shieltar says:

      Which one? there are so many…

      If you mean the battle mints…

  5. Mmm, battlemints…. :D~~ Careful you don’t use Polos though, Lulu – or the enemy will sneak into your castle right through the hole in the middle! xD

  6. rardmok says:

    Hello. And Bye.

  7. Borg says:

    Don’t be silly, Luna. Mark’s only going to have peace mints; why would he bring battle mints on a beach outing? You’re going to have to find or make your own battle mints if you really intend to have them.

  8. Arn says:

    I can understand a round “Battlemint”, those are the most fearsome of Juggernauts to use in battle, attaching cannon and weapons they can batter the wall like rams as being like wheels. Fear the red stripes. Fear them!
    The square chocolate “battlemints” they never last to the front-line…they’re chocolate, melting and ending up in the men’s mess.
    The puffy marshmallow mints…what can they do in battle?

    1. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

      What about the Fox’s Glacier Battlemints? 🙂

      1. Arn says:

        I’m not local to that warfair.

        I prefer the Aplets and Cottlets a variation on the Turkish delight squares only fruiter….massive damage massive casualties….

        1. TheArcticWolf says:

          I am deeply satisfied with how seriously you’re taking this.

          1. Arn says:

            If Celestia is truly a barbaric Vader she’ll send out the monsteriously globby cherry mash balls under their licorice whipping viseers! Divinity help them if they are cholate coated!!!
            Of course, Luna could call upon Divinity…all that creamy nougat and don’t forget the nuts!
            But such showers overwhelm both heathen and righteous like chocolate milk rain!!

  9. Justin Hunt says:

    heehee luna and celestia’s play time is so cute.
    By the way, if you ever need an editor for spelling and grammer, I’d be more than willing to offer help. Im an author thats published three books and I know how tough it is to spt spelling and grammer mistakes.

    1. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

      I’d point out the typos in your comment…but then somebody would probably just point out the typos in THIS comment, too. It’s a law of the internet, I believe. xD

      1. Shieltar says:

        I mean, it’s alwasy so hard to spit spolling areas you mace. eSpecially when you-r Dyslexic. If I dodn’t already passs my work throo a spill chocker. My pages wood be filled with wee more speling errors.
        (p.s. It’s a personal game of mine to spell the 1st message about spell checking as badly as I can, while still leaving it legible)

        1. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

          You could always try linking to this well-known poem instead. 🙂 It’s called “Spell Chequer”:

          1. Arn says:

            But how would we have imvaderd from babielaen?

  10. Blaze says:

    Onwards! If all else fails, lauch a C salt!

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