Book 8-18

Book 8-18


26 thoughts on “Book 8-18”

  1. cogwheelbrain says:

    Oh dear, she’s either ramping up, in pain, or about to sneeze.

    1. Lili says:

      This webcomic is still alive! Canโ€™t wait for the next part!

  2. Yet_Pone_More_Idiot says:

    …this will end in PONIES EVERYWHERE ๐Ÿ˜€

    I kinda feel like it would be hilariously ironic if THIS turns out to be the Great Ponification Event! xDD

  3. HobbesTCat says:


    1. Atmo says:

      Itโ€™s probably just a Fluttershy sneeze. Nothing to worry about. (Puts on helmet and hides in ditch.)

  4. Justin Hunt says:

    not to be a kill joy but weren’t they outside in the fresh air a moment ago ^^’?

    1. Yet_Pone_More_Idiot says:

      Perhaps Tia and Woona’s magic constructed an entire building around them while…nahhh even I can’t take that seriously. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Most likely a common case of “Whoops – forgot!” xD

    2. Sylverbraid says:

      No I think it is still outside just different gradients of light to highlight an “uh-oh” moment. you can see the grass at the bottom of the picture where he is running.

      1. Shieltar says:

        This is absolutely correct. It’s called mood lighting. Also they’re outside, but surrounded by the walls of a derelict section of the building. Thus those backgrounds would be intensely boaring to look at and draw. So I fell back on gradent backgrounds.

        1. Yet_Pone_More_Idiot says:

          There is however the question of Professor Harmoney saying “No magic! Not in here!” which kinda implies that they’re IN a building at that moment…
          It might be better to tweak his line to “No magic! Not here!” (just a suggestion)

          1. Sylverbraid says:

            He means inside the sphere of influence of the area of effect of his device. I figure an overload of magic that it was not tuned for will either damage the machine or more likely generate a much larger field of influence and magically powered restructuring then he intended. That, uncontrolled: could have permanent and widespread either local or global changes. I.E. the (ponifaction) of things. It could be very localized or exponential depending on a variable litany of things.

            1. kuraimizu says:

              both actually, they are within the sphere of influence of the machine, and inside the ruins of that half of the house, the same ruins that are being targeted by his machine to recreate the half of the house he will be living in and using as his lab.

  5. Eroraf says:

    Sneeze of magic doom, eh? So that’s where Flurry got it from…

  6. MD Wolfe says:

    Uh oh! (Runs away)

  7. LunacyDreamer says:

    Uh, oh… OH OH!

  8. drew says:


    1. Angel says:


  9. Swordtails says:


  10. Coma Blitz says:

    And then everybody died,
    The End

  11. Nikary Flare says:


    Also: I knew using magic now would be a bad idea…

  12. roguim says:

    Attention Incoming cutepocalyse.

    1. Drew Rhine says:

      now that’s a word.

  13. Michael says:

    Here we see the dawning of the 2nd “big bang.”

  14. no one says:


  15. Borg says:

    How bad could a cascade effect be?

    You don’t need this world that much, right?

  16. Hiru says:

    *Alert! alert! System Alert* incomming magic time bomb! Initiation sequence started in T minus 3 seconds 3, 2, 1.

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