Book 9-09

Book 9-09


25 thoughts on “Book 9-09”

  1. Nikary Flare says:

    RIP Philomena… again.

    1. kitsy says:

      Philomena 2.0 RIP
      Long live Philomena 3.0

  2. cogwheelbrain says:

    My money is on MAGIC is about to enter the equation with the results being REAL PHILOMENA alive and kicking. (and pecking.)

  3. roguim says:

    Heroic Sacriface, now who will go full super sayan mode Celestia or Grace.
    And I also think that after by magic we will have Philomena turning is a Real Phoenix.

    1. ElementOfKindness says:

      My vote is for both!

  4. ElementOfKindness says:

    OH SHI . . . . .

  5. Kacie Vines says:

    Looks like Celestia had to sacrifice her horn, too. đŸ˜‰

  6. Eroraf says:

    Oh… No…
    The villain just killed an android in front of an OP child.
    Excrement, meet rotary air circulation device.

  7. Hazel says:

    Oh hohoh BUDDY

    you shouldn’t have done that

  8. Cobalt Comet says:

    Panel 3 no horn for Celestia.
    Reaction to Directors attack on cute pony loading….
    BL2Goliathrage.exe executing.

  9. Cobalt Comet says:

    I mean panel 4…. some day I will learn to proof read and/or count.

  10. Rhawkas says:

    Philomena: “Get down, Miss Princess!”

    1. Drew Rhine says:

      Nightmare Mode engaging in …
      10 …
      09 …
      08 …
      07 …
      06 …
      05 …
      04 …
      03 …
      02 …
      01 [Loading Daybreaker.exe] ..

  11. Masterius says:

    These are, without a doubt, the strongest, most powerful, and poignant images I’ve seen. My heart broke and tears came to my eyes from this page.

  12. JasonAW3 says:

    This… Won’t end well…

  13. Yet_Pone_More_Idiot says:

    Tia’s expression in panel 4….so heartbreaking! </3

    1. NIHA says:


  14. Danyelle Doucet says:

    A heroic sacrifice…. a friend lost…. Something tells me the meanie Director’s gonna get his ass kicked by both Grace AND Celestia!

  15. sim says:

    please bust into flames please burst into flames….

  16. Frost says:

    This idiot is going into a forever box. The question is Who is putting him in eternal timeout and How?

  17. Hiru says:

    My bet is on the unsuspected to go full blown crazy along with celestia or and grace

    1. Nina says:

      Oh he dead, thats all i gotta say here, this is Nina and Leah star.

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