Book 7-16

Book 7-16


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  1. Cobalt says:

    Well mark this was going to happen sooner or later. Hope your foal is healthy. X)

    1. Congratulations Mark, you stud you. ;D

  2. Dreamer says:

    Welp, if you cannot reassess your life in 5 secs the world is most definitely ending for ya. xD

  3. anon says:

    how are the KIDS gonna react to this?

  4. Hobbes says:

    So who would the next foal be? Maybe Chrysalis?

    1. My guess would be Cadance.

      1. bmidd11 says:

        it can’t be Cadence, because she turned into an Alicorn like Twilight did in the show. don’t forget in Twight’s flashback of her as a Foal, Cadence was still a normal Unicorn.

      2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CADANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG MARIJN VAN BENNEKOM YOUR SO SMART!!!!!!!! THAT’S IT! But a little question, why would they have abandoned her?

  5. SuperTaster says:

    Error! SometimesPony.Mark has thrown a critical exception.
    Library Father.lib not found! is not a valid method.
    Please make sure that all libraries are up to date, and that the correct methods have been imported.

    1. Shieltar says:

      Transform definitely. I want to see what my linux os turns into.

    2. Ryan says:

      You. I like you.

    3. Arn says:


  6. Ahh…and the penny drops! 😀

    So, the big questions now are:

    What will Professor Harmoney think of becoming a granddad – and potentially to a foal?
    What will Mark’s parents think of the same thing?
    What will Grace’s mother do if she ever finds out about all this stuff? :PPP
    What will Tia and Woona think about having another little sibling on the scene? (Will Tia be less jealous this time? Will Woona be jealous? I think she’d love another little playmate, but teen!Tia may still experience jealousy even if she doesn’t want to).

    Also…how are they break the news to everybody – and everypony? Can’t wait for the next page! 😀

  7. M.D. Webster says:

    Well, well, Looks like Sherlock has put two and two together.
    I understand why he’s panicking, this is what happens when you don’t tie the knot with her, Mark.

  8. Dany Doucet says:

    I do wonder how Grace’s friends will react!

    1. I think they’ll think it’s FABULOUS NEWS, DAHHHLING. ;D

      Also human Pinkie will probably straight away wanna throw a baby shower….um, foal shower? *le shrug*

      1. Dany Doucet says:

        Then again, Grace’s unseen mother will likely beat Mark senseless!

        1. Scarlet Rhine says:

          Two words.
          CALLED IT!!!!

  9. ryttyr says:

    Hmmm. It would be quite interesting if the child turned out to be human. I’d like to see how Princess and Luna would react to that and how they would interact with their human sibling going forward. Perhaps it’d be a transforming human too but who prefers a human form? That would be an interesting dynamic.
    Also, 6th pane is now by far my favorite pane of the entire comics, no question.

  10. GitzharTentoxisTendriculs says:



  11. Nikary Flare says:

    So she herself DOES know.

  12. Ryan says:

    And THERE it is. RIP Mark’s last shreds of zen.

  13. John says:

    I bet 10 bits who says that professor Harmony is going to flip out

    Anyone on the bed say –
    (Bet yes) or (Bet no)

    1. I think that news like this is gonna go beyond mere “flipping out” – I’d bet 100 bits that Professor Harmoney is just gonna go full-blown BSOD when Grace breaks the lovely news to him. xD

  14. Rotary says:

    Not that it’s a problem but a baby big enough to do a sensible kick is definitely visible. While harmony has barely any belly.

    But I guess this little fib is within your artistic licince

    1. Snowylilacs says:

      if she’s having a foal, then I’m guessing it can kick a lot sooner than a baby human.

  15. Daniel says:

    I wonder what her friends would say about this, though we havent seen them at all after she stayed home. Unless of course they are keeping in touch via facebook or something

  16. railbaron1 says:

    Anyone else hearing the old Internet Dial tone on that 2nd to last panel?

    1. I’m just imagining a scenario like this one: (I don’t know if markup works in the comments, gonna find out now…)


      1. Shieltar says:

        on dial up, that download is going to take a while.

        1. Yet_One_More_Idiot says:

          Ahhh good ol’ dial-up; those were the days… xDD

          1. Shieltar says:

            double click the internet, go make some Tea while it screams noise at you to connect, then type in the web address of ask jeeves, because google doesn’t exist yet, and then wait for it to load the website you want, only it gives up half way through because it’s takeing so long because some moron has included 3 jpg’s

            ahh yes, those were the days… you could find the answer out so much quicker by going down to the library.

            1. Ask Jeeves? That was more of a fad for me than anything serious – I tended to rely on AltaVista (remember that one?) 😀

              Things that were the bane of every dial-up internet user’s existence – large JPGs or too many small ones; any animations (even small GIFs); music that loaded and played automatically with the webpage; terrible webpage colour schemes (including horribly clashing colours; overly-busy background images; pale writing on white backgrounds or dark writing on black backgrounds; text that matched the colour of the background exactly; background images that didn’t scroll with the webpage and so gave you motion-sickness; and bLiNkInG tExT or weird capitalisation); and literally any attempt to embed video files. xD

              😀 😀 😀

  17. Borg says:

    How have you waited until the baby is kicking to let Mark know? Surely you must have realized months ago.

    1. AeroTendo says:

      Mark and most guys are totally clueless about stuff like that… lol! Especially since she is barely showing (it seems) and I’ve heard that for some women it can be either totally painless naturally or the WORST pain imaginable.

      1. Dany Doucet says:

        I wonder when the next page is out

  18. MrMilitary101 says:

    Um why was the next page removed? It was there for me at least yesterday…

    1. MrMilitary101 says:

      Nevermind my browser screwed up

  19. I don’t know if it will be equine or human. After all they were in pony form when they were conceived.

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